Budget #1

I though it might be fun to keep track of my budget. Note: I’m not just buying some of the items specifically for this project (eg camera), so don’t start thinking I’m going a bit overboard on this. It would seem silly to include my MacBook Pro in this list as it’s a few years old now. Here are the items I have purchased so far which will be of use:

Canon EOS 450D WITH 18-55 IS lens + Tamron 55-200 F4/5.6 LD macro lens, old Velbon tripod (second-hand £250)

Mini tripod from Jessops (mentioned I was student to sympathetic staff member – £0!)

Unbranded adjustable tripod (second-hand £5)

Uher 724-L reel-to-reel tape recorder + speakers (second-hand on Gumtree £0)

Set of 6 vintage audio tape reels (second-hand on eBay £12.49)

200ml Isopropyl alcohol (John F Rodgers Pharmacy £2)

Lighting rig (old bed frame found beside bin £0)

4 LED torches/lasers (eBay £6.51)

Remote shutter release for Canon 450D (eBay £2.95)

Ikea desk lamp with extendible arm (second-hand on Gumtree £6)

Total so far is £284.95

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