Budget #2

This week I have been mostly buying…

3 large sheets of coloured card – Green, Blue & White (Edinburgh Bargain Store £3.50)

Helping Hand Modelling Tool (eBay £3.95)

8 Mini Clamps (eBay £1.96)

5 x Vintage Reel-to-Reel Tapes & Microphone (eBay £17.50)

Total £26.91 + Running Total = £284.95

New Total = £311.86

I made a negative review on eBay about one of the laser pointers I got in the post because it arrived weeks after I paid for it and with dead batteries, which was annoying because they are the small watch type batteries which I will have to go out and buy. I received the following statement from the seller…

hi,my friend,as the shipping date,before you buy the item,you can check our item description:usually it takes 7-15 working days to arrive.10 days is the normal speed. as the item,i do apologize for the problem again.why you can’t give me a chance to do something for you?i know it is my fault,God says,people can make mistake,but must change it in time.however,you don’t want to give me this chance.i am just a worker,and now i am 35 years old,i have 6 children,it is not easy for me to find this job,if i lose this job,my children will be starved to death.this is why i want to repay 10 USD to you as compasation once you can help me.(this 10 USD is my personal money.)i beg you,beg your again,help me to change the feedback for me.waiting for your reply”

This only annoyed me further, so I called his bluff, thinking I wouldn’t hear back from him…

Thank you for your offer of compensation. I will accept it and upon receipt I will change my feedback score.”
To his credit, I received his $10 compensation the next day. And I held up my end of the bargain and gave him an excellent review on eBay. So I’m going to subtract that money, which works out as £5.73 (after paypal charges) from the running total.

Running Total = £311.86 – Refund £5.73

New Total = £306.13

    • Richard Hetherington
    • September 30th, 2010

    The Blog is going very well, with a wealth of information posted.
    This week we need to focus on preparing the learning contract for submission to the second marker for late this week, or early next week. Note some of the comments made on the hard copy I returned to you.
    From the blog it is clear that a lot of very useful proof of concept studies have been done, which will be helpful in the future. I think what needs most attention at the moment is the proposed Literature Review, and determining its scope. This isn’t always a straightforward task, and we discussed the use of mind mapping to establish how topics are inter-related and as a way of prioritising your review. It is clear that a literature review could be an entire project in itself, but this isn’t the aim of your project meaning you need to focus on the most important areas of your literature for your project. Some areas are established e.g. reviewing the work of previous stop-motion animators who have animated inanimate objects. It is important to describe your interviewing idea and to show how it will fit into your project. The technical aspects are also relevant. Anthropomorphism is tricky – its a huge area and it may be better for you to focus solely on applying it to man-made objects. Not sure if there has been much written about this so you will need to exercise those researching skills to find out. Your review of previous work will also contribute here.
    I am concerned that there is no clear idea for your story and I think this must be resolved by the end of Tr.2. I think some pre-production work should be included as part of the interim deliverable e.g. storyboards.
    Scaling down to a 5-minute piece should make things more manageable.
    Make sure you construct a gantt chart to show the long-term plan of your project.
    It is important not to be working all the time, and you must put time aside for rest and recouperation.
    In terms of future work focus must be placed on the Literature Review.

  1. March 11th, 2011

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