Week Three – Overview

This week the proof of concept animations that I started were the only real work I’ve put into the honours project. I was struggling a bit to try and find the time to fit the time in for this project among the other modules I have and also some real-life activities. So I drew up a timetable. Currently I have allotted 20 hours a week for the honours project. This may seem like a lot but it will go by quite easy. A lot of this time may be spent watching YouTube clips of animation and also blogging. I will try and refine the timetable so that I can put aside time for actually writing the literature review.

On Tuesday I called into Colin Smith’s office. He is the module leader for the honours project. I borrowed a honours project from a previous year’s student. It’s not entirely different from what I’m doing, in the fact that this student developed a 3D short film. I will more be looking at the structure of his literature review and how his report was constructed.

I have also set up a meeting with Kendall Richards, who is the university’s academic support advisor,  for next Tuesday. Kendall gave a guest lecture during the week about how to write the literature review and I want to discuss this in more detail as I’m not completely sure on the formalities of dissertation writing.

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