Week four – Supervisor Meeting

During this week’s meeting Richard and I discussed my draft of the learning contract. There is still some work to be done on it, namely with the literature review. The problem is that I have not been as precise with my proposed topics of research. I must also determine the scope of the topics that I will be undertaking. Richard recommended some mind mapping software called FreeMind which makes it easy to visualise my range easily. I will certainly be downloading this software as it seems to be a highly useful tool for organising my workflow. Once I have the scope of the project mapped out I will draft up a new learning contract and submit this to Richard for approval. He will then either flag some issues for amending or will pass it on to my second marker who was announced today as Susan Turner.

The working titles I have proposed so far are ‘Breathing life into an inanimate object using stop motion techniques’ and ‘Can stop motion breathe life into a vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder?’. I think the first one is a stronger candidate and with a little refining could be the eventual title of the project.

We both agreed that the topic of anthropomorphism is a huge topic and an honours project in itself so it might be wise to narrow the scope of it down to just studying anthropomorphism of inanimate objects. This cuts out a sizeable chunk of unrelated animation and focuses more on what I am trying to achieve with my final deliverable. I aim to research this field in depth and also study the work of other animators using inanimate objects as their anthropomorphic subjects.

I also mentioned to Richard that I will seek interviews with established stop motion animators to gain a different opinion from the literature I will be researching. I expect different people will have different methods and outlooks on the subject of stop motion animation and it will be interesting to compare and contrast these views. Although I won’t be including these interviews as part of my interim deliverable I must state how these interviews will be conducted.

I initially proposed that the final deliverable would be in the region of 10 minutes. Reading it back today, I decided this to be a bit too ambitious. The focus will be quality over quantity and I have scaled the time back to around 5 minutes.

I aim to have the second draft written by the end of today after I draw up a functional mind map for the project.

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