Week Five – Overview

On Tuesday Richard showed me some animation magazines called ‘Imagine’ which he felt may be useful. I have borrowed them and am sifting through for articles relating to my dissertation. I have found the website a wealth of information and one I plan to mine in the near future. He also gave me a loan of an honours project which deals with creating a 2D animated trailer. It is somewhat related and will be useful for the approach and project layout alone.

I met with John Morrison the same day and you can read an account of that meeting in this post.

I devised a Gantt Chart on Thursday to help me keep track of my schedule. I managed to get most of the week five work done this weekend. So far I have written approximately 1000 words on the history and styles of stop motion animation. I am aware that this may be too much considering the final report should not exceed 14,000 words but I feel it is better to get all the information down and then trim it at a later stage. I found that most of my research seems to be watching clips of films/animation and then looking for reliable sources to extract facts from. I am keeping track of all the websites and books I am referencing so it will be easy to document when it comes to linking my references and citations at a later date.

    • Richard Hetherington
    • October 11th, 2010

    Gantt chart is in a suitable starting format for the dissertation.

    The learning contract meeting went smoothly and there no major issues about the outlined project. Have looked at 3 pages of your initial writing and it seems to be of an appropriate depth and range, what would help is the judicious inclusion of images to illustrate the points made in the text (and there isn’t a limit on images!).

    From our discussion – it appears that sound will have a key role to play in your work. I think it is worthwhile mentioning this in your review. I also think, that evaluating the role sound has played in your final piece will be a valuable part of your evaluation of the project. You have taken all the sound modules so it makes sense to tap into this expertise.

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