Week Six – Supervisor Meeting

I rescheduled this weeks meeting as I will not be able to make our regular one on Thursday.

I began by showing Richard the Gantt Chart I created last week. He was satisfied with it and saw no problems with the time scale. I did explain that some topics may change over the course of writing the report and some may be added as I am not fully sure I have covered all the topics I will need to discuss.

We spoke about the inclusion of sound in my final piece. I said that sound would feature in the final deliverable and it would play a part in creating a personality for the tape machine. So far I have not included this into my literature report and aim to research the importance of sound in animation, particularly related to inanimate objects. This might even work as a tangent to the chapter on anthropomorphism. I won’t really be sure what context to place it in until I start to research it.

We discussed the possibility of the tape machine being able to talk and would this be an element of bringing it to life. I questioned whether this might be cheating the title slightly as I have said I will use Stop Motion to bring the machine to life. Richard assured me this does not really change the aspect as the sound is to aid the animation which in turn is breathing life into the subject in question. We talked about the prospect of giving the tape machine a universal language that does not require words but carries the implied meaning regardless. Richard recalled a show called The Amazing Adventures Of Morph which illustrates this effect nicely. Other examples I can think of would be the Clangers, and slightly less stop motion but of equivalent value, Mr. Bean. Also, it was expressed that the machine could sound like an old cassette speeded up. I also thought maybe the tape reel could contain reference words and phrases, much like Stephen Hawking’s voice box, and the tape machine could rewind and fast-forward to obtain the required statement. It could have an almost HAL-esqe quality to it. I remember playing Bioshock and being totally in awe of the sound design and voice talent on it and maybe could conjure up something a little like that old, scratchy type sound for this piece.

I showed Richard what I had written over the weekend (3 pages on the history and types of stop motion) and he reckoned it was a good start. He was pleased to see that I had included references at this early stage but suggested that I make sure I am writing them correctly. He also suggested that the inclusion of pictures would help illustrate my points. I plan on making my report as pictureful (should really be a word!) as possible.

I voiced my concerns about the issue of gaining consent from people who might be communicating with me online. I was assured that written or verbal consent would be fine as long as that person was made aware of the use of the material once it was submitted. Richard also explained that I could use ‘anonymous’ in cases where the persons identity was irrelevant.

We then got to talking about the Imagine Animation website as Richard recalled that Ray Harryhausen was featured on one of the issue’s covers. I am thinking of doing a case study on an animator in this field, or possibly a stop motion film, if there’s enough time and he might be a great choice of animator to choose. Also the site contains a discussion forum, which Richard suggested I could use to my benefit by getting in touch with people ion this line of work to ask questions of. It is a rich source of information and I feel I will be using it in the near future.

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