Week Six – Overview

I pillaged the library on Monday and took everything I could find related to this project. Some of the books are as big as beasts and I struggled to get them home. A few books I wanted were out on loan so I will have to return for them. Here is a list of the ones I took out…

The Technique Of Film Animation – John Halas & Roger Manvell (1976)

The Animation Stand [Rostrum Camera Operations] – Zoran Perisic (1976)

The Focal Guide To Shooting Animation – Zoran Perisic (1978)

The Illusion Of Life [Disney Animation] – Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston (1981)

The Animation Producer’s Handbook – Lea Milic & Yasmin McConville (2006)

The films Of Tim Burton – Alison McMahan (2006)

The plan is to write this weekend. I have been kept busy with other work this week so I am going to try and write my two pieces -modern stop motion & stop motion software – tomorrow (Sunday). They go hand-in-hand so I might just have a paragraph or tow about the advances in modern stop motion and compare it to the techniques of old, followed by a breakdown of the available software and what each one offers.

I am currently working on a presentation for one of my other modules, Motion Graphics, and have decided to base it on the role of sound in animated motion graphics. I’m hoping to bludgeon two birds here so when it comes to doing a piece on sound for stop motion I should have done the research already.

    • Richard Hetherington
    • October 21st, 2010

    WEEK 7 – Supervisor’s Feedback

    There are papers available discussing animation principles, anthropomorphism etc, though the latter seem more focussed on human-animal interactions. You have the challenge of applying this to inanimate machine-type objects.
    Literature Review is dynamic inasmuch as you research some topics may become more important than others, and you will need to re-prioritise what you are reviewing.
    Think about determining which of the Disney principles can be applied to your tape recorder? Will they be enough, or will you need to change the tape recorder’s properties to allow a greater scope for it to be animated.

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