Week Seven – Overview

Week seven has been and gone and now I can feel the pressure. I’m just about keeping a grip on the schedule but I can foresee it slipping away from me. Last weekend I managed to write a good bit about modern stop motion and it’s accompanying software. Instead of reviewing each individual stop motion-related software, I did a round up and focused on the software I will use to create the final deliverable; Dragon Stop Motion.

This weekend just gone I had planned to write about anthropomorphism and Animation Principles. I failed miserably in doing so and am still working on the anthropomorphism chapter. I’m not too worried though. It’s quite an integral part of my literature review so I need to make sure I cover the right material and areas. As I stated in the last post, there is not a lot of literature on anthropomorphising inanimate objects so a lot of the research has been observation-based.

I have a lot of project work to do this week for other modules so I need to hang up my Honours Project Cap for a few days. When I put it back on I will aim to finish the chapter on anthropomorphism and start into Animation Principles for the weekend.

I need to update the Gantt Chart to reflect my new schedule. I am thinking I will bump the chapter on the Case Study to the end as it’s not essential research.

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