Week Eight – Overview

I finished the chapter on The Principles of Animation today. There was a tonne of reading to get through and it took a while to condense it all. I still managed to write over 3,000 words on it though. As it stands I have 7,777 words in the literature review and 5 out of a proposed 14 chapters drafted. I am well aware that half of what I write will need to be axed and the other half will need revision. I think it will be easier to cut down on words than have to write more. I know the adage is quality over quantity but I’m going to liken it to making a pasta sauce – you bang all the ingredients in the let it reduce so you’re left with a nice viscosity without all the watery nonsense.

I’m getting concerned though that I am to far behind to catch up with my original proposal and the only way to get back on track will be to fire out sub-standard chapters over the next few weeks. Being a perfectionist has meant that up until now I have been thoroughly researching all the topics and only then will I write about it.

I will meet Richard this week and present him with what I’ve done so far and see what advice he has. I must also bear in mind that I have a story and accompanying storyboards to produce for the week 12 review.

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