Week Nine – Supervisor Meeting

I was apprehensive about today’s meeting. I had missed last week’s one and have done quite a bit of writing since the last one. Today I wanted to show Richard what I had written and ask him to tell me where I was going wrong/right. I had a suspicion that he would tell me that I was writing too much and was getting off track.

He did mention that, if anything I might be writing to much but not to worry too much about it at this stage. If I feel it is important to the review and can’t work without it then I should include it. To my surprise he said my writing was coming along quite well. He was happy with my style of writing and was glad to see that I was making efforts to keep a track of my references. We did discuss changes and improvements and I will list them below.

  • I am including too many examples in my chapter on the different styles of stop motion
  • Although I do talk about it, I never actually mentioned what Replacement Animation actually is
  • For the Anthropomorphism chapter, I should discuss expressions and gesture as these will relate to my final deliverable
  • I will not need to go too in-depth with the chapter on photography
  • The lighting can be included in the chapter on stop motion sets
  • Richard feels that a paragraph or two at the end of each chapter, explaining how it relates to my final deliverable would be of benefit

We talked about referencing and hpw to reference things like pictures and DVD’s. I will need to email Colin Smith, the module leader, about these.

I mentioned that since I am nearly at 8,000 words and maybe not even half way through the Lit Review that I might go over the 14.000 max word count. Richard expressed that it may be exceeded if I feel that all the information contained in my final literature review was necessary.

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