Week Nine – Overview

The pace is quickening and the work is building up. It’s getting to the point where there is too much work to be done for the time left (2 weeks). An image of a square peg and a round hole come to mind. All I can do is truck on! I completed the chapter on Photography with the phrase ‘keep it relevant’ looping over and over in my brain.

And keep it relevant I did. It is very hard to compress the art of photography into one single concise chapter but I hope it accomplished just that. I kept it to just under 1,500 words but it took a very long day to write all that. I’m finding that everything is new so in order to write about it I must learn and understand it first, which is very time consuming when you have just one day to learn the principles of photography. But enough of that.

Next chapter is on cinematic storytelling. It should have been before photography but I am waiting on a book to be returned to the library in order to go ahead. I’m keeping this post short in the interest of saving time! It really has come down to trying to save a minute here, and a minute there…

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