Week Ten – Supervisor Meeting

Although I had been working on my literature review up until now, I wanted to discuss the story ideas I have with Richard. Inspired by a youTube vid of John Lassater, I realised that I would have to think “If I was a tape machine, how would I feel?”. The answer is derelict and outdated. I was thinking then that the animation could involve the tape machine being compared to a modern day  music device such as an iPod.

When trying to come up with a story I like to start at the end and work back. I’m thinking I would like the tape machine to have a happy ending and getting one over on the iPod. I went through the pro’s and con’s that separate the two and the advantage of the tape machine is that it has a constant supply of power whereas the iPod can run out of battery. That might work as an ending. Richard suggested that as the tape machine is much larger, it could easily crush the iPod. The problem here is that as the tape machine is the protagonist and the iPod the antagonist, I want the audience feeling sympathy for the tape machine and giving it a streak of aggression may detract from that somewhat.

I also suggested a flashback sequence where the machine recalls its heyday when it was the centre of attention and extremely popular. This also gave me an idea that I could do an animation about the birth of the machine (with its instruction manuel as a birth certificate) right up to its current stage. It could go through various stages of dilapidation and decay. Colour could play an important part of this cycle but I would like to end up at a happy resolve.

We both remarked how, when we discussed the tape machine, we both refer to it as ‘him’. The process of anthropomorphising has begun!

I mentioned that I planned to contact various people to conduct further research in the field of animation. Richard did a quick search and found some local people/companies that may be worthwhile contacting. Red Kite Animation in Edinburgh, Axis Animation in Glasgow and West Highland Animation in Balquhidder.

I finished the meeting by quickly showing Richard where I was at in terms of writing. He reminded me to keep it to the point and not to write too much, which I have a habit of doing. Richard recommended a book to me, The Visual Story by Bruce Block, as I mentioned that I wanted to write a chapter on cinematic storytelling. I managed to grab the last copy of it in the library on the way home.


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