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Week 12 – Review Meeting

Due to poor weather conditions this meeting was rescheduled to take place today, in week 14. I met with my supervisor Richard Hetherington and my second marker Susan Turner. I was a little nervous going into this meeting on account of the huge report I had submitted in week 11. It was way over the word count and I felt this might have frustrated Richard and Susan as they are only permitted an hour to read and review my submission.

Fortunately they were both impressed with my literature review. Compliments were paid to my research on Facial Recognition and the psychology behind it. They saw that this is a project that I am passionate about and agreed that the research I conducted accurately reflects this. Richard stated that the literature review in its current form could almost be distributed to students as a ‘guide to animation’ handbook. That was the best compliment I could have hoped for.

The one issue that was raised was that I didn’t include a plan for the second semester. I explained roughly what the plan was (to prepare and shoot the animation) and that I had been more concerned with completing the research before I would plan the following stage. This answer was accepted.

The meeting was quite short as both Richard and Susan felt I was on track and there was nothing negative to say at this stage of the project. The assessment form that Richard completed and gave to me was again brief as there was nothing negative to write. It basically stated that I turned up and was prepared for all the supervisor meetings, had met all my targets, needed to plan semester 2, and that the literature review was of a high quality.

I am extremely pleased with how this meeting went and have to confidence now to undertake to second stage of this project.