Supervisor Meeting 18/01/11

I had my first supervisor meeting this semester with Richard. I told him the horror I felt yesterday when I checked the hand-in day for the project and saw that it was the 30th March, a month earlier than I had thought. There’s nobody to blame except myself for assuming that it was due when the course finished a month later. So my timetable plans have been scuppered and I now have to rethink and prioritise my steps.

I explained to Richard where I was at with the pre-production stage. I’m in pre-pre-production. As I was explaining that I was spending a lot of time trying to track down certain props to use, it became obvious to both of us that I was spending too much time on this task. His advice to me was to nail the story first and then gather the appropriate props. I feel this is a chicken and egg situation as I can’t assume I’ll be able to get certain pieces to use in the animation.

Richard also told me to assess the task timings and how long each task should take. The way I work is to work backwards from the deadline but this is extremely risky as it allows me to relax at the beginning of a project and leaves me frantically panicking at the end. I think my subconscious has engineered this trait as I work better under pressure. Or maybe I’m just lazy to start a project.

We discussed how the project would be evaluated at the end. Receiving feedback from a group of people who have filled in checklist-styled questions seems to be the way I’m heading at the moment. If what I’m trying to achieve is to bring this character to life then I will ask people what emotions they felt the character is portraying, etc. It will be a useful way to see if I achieved my goal.


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