Supervisor Meeting 25/01/11

I began this meeting by telling Richard that I had hit a creative wall of sorts and that not much work had been done since the last meeting. I struggled with the writing of the story over the week and didn’t come up with a finished product. This in part I blamed for not being able to attain certain necessary props for the film, and also it  dawned on my recently the scale of the task I was trying to accomplish. From the get go most people I told my plans to told me I was being very ambitious. In fact every single one of them used that same word. I was so brimming with enthusiasm and excitement that I felt it was a manageable project, but it was only this week that it struck me how difficult the tasks ahead are going to be. This has got me down a bit to be honest and it’s affected my creativity.

I need a kick up the arse and I think doing out a Gantt Chart and planning the next 10 weeks or so will be that kick. I’ve been putting it off so far because in the back of my mind I know that there’s not enough time to get everything done. That’s what I’ll do next. If there’s not enough time then I’ll have to rethink the film plot and length accordingly.

I explained to Richard that my original story idea of the tape machine viewed through the decades and their accompanying musical devices was beyond me at this stage and I scrapped it for a more favourable, and much simpler story. I haven’t fleshed out the points yet but so far it centres around the reel to reel machine falling in love with the boombox and having a baby walkman with it. It makes me chuckle each time I think about it which is my personal green light for an idea. I’m not sure what Richard made of it but he’s definitely in favour of a more manageable story!

The task set for next week is to finish the story and get this pre-production underway.

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