Pressure Prop

Since the 12 January I have been taking advantage of Edinburgh’s ‘freebie’ websites – Freegle, Gumtree and Freecycle – looking for the props I may need to suit the story I want to shoot. The problem is, like I said before, a chicken/egg situation. I’m not too sure on the story because I’m not sure what props I’ll be able to get. My first appeal/ad was a biggie. I explained what the project was all about and I listed loads of items that I wanted, right down to retro wallpaper and toys I wanted. Needless to say I didn’t get much response. I reposted the same ad every day until one of the sites started complaining that I could only do this every 24 days.

After that I decided to ask for specific items. I also posted my appeals in the ‘Offered’ sections of the sites as these pages generated much more traffic than the ‘Wanted’ sections understandably. After a few hours the ads were removed by moderators but not before a lot of people had already read it. Bu doing this for the past few weeks I have acquired quite a lot of items. I’m ashamed by the amount of stuff I have gone out and brought back but I keep telling myself that after the project I can always re-offer it on the sites from whence they came. The reality of this happening is slim as I’m a total audiophile and I’m happy to just sit and stare at the mechanical mess I’m surrounded by.

So far the magpie has returned to the nest with the following shiny items:

Yamaha DSP- A1000 Amplifier
Marantz SD-45 Cassette Deck
Yamaha CDX-570 CD Player
AKAI AT-K11L FM AM Stereo Tuner
AKAI HX-R44 Stereo Cassette Deck
ALBA 3002 Belt Drive Turntable
Panasonic RX-4922L 4-Band Stereo Cassette Recorder
Hitachi DA-P440 CD Walkman
IITronics MP3 Player
Braun Paximat N12 Slide Projector
Pan Am Headphones
Toshiba KT-AS1 Stereo Cassette Player
An Ikea Laptop Stand
A Nintendo NES
A pair of 1970s Custom-Made Speakers
A handful of 90min cassettes
A small wooden shelf unit
A bunch of 2011 Calendars
Ikea Blackout Blind

Stuff which has been offered to me on a loan basis:

2 Walkman
A Reel to reel tape player
An 8-track
Hifi Equipment
A 1988 Calendar

(I really don’t want the pressure of not accidentally breaking vintage audio equipment so I politely declined the offers)

Stuff I refused:

2007 Calendar
An old red motorcycle helmet


Using my powers of procrastination and addition I figured out that I’ve travelled 41.6 miles on the bicycle in the past 2 weeks collecting this stuff.

This is not to mention the UHER 724-L reel to reel tape machine and speakers that got the ball rolling in the first place. That was a 28.4 mile round trip , but I was fortunate enough to get a lift from a friend so it’s not as impressive.

Next week to avoid real work I’ll add up the weight of all the gear!

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