Supervisor Meeting 01/02/11

Today I presented Richard with an outline for a story idea I had. It involved the tape machine being sent to storage after being replaced by a more modern system – a cassette player. It reminisces about the old times while living out it’s days in a dank ill-lit corner of the storage room. Eventually the cassette player arrives as it too has been replaced by a more modern system. They fall in love and have a baby together. The baby is a walkman.

I wan’t too excited by this story and I sense Richard wasn’t either. An idea I wanted to implement was to give the reel to reel player an actual beating heart. After opening the machine, there’s a great cavity where I could easily exhibit a heart. Initially I wanted to go to the butchers and use an animal heart. the plan was to mechanise it by have wires protruding from it and giving it a human/machine crossover quality. Richard noted that this might not work as introducing an organic element might distract from the mechanical aspect of the piece. I still like the idea of ‘the heart of the machine’ and will try and figure out a way of using this.

We discussed the finer details like how I’m going to animate ‘life’. One idea will be to consider the internal wires as veins and arteries, having a pulse flow through them leading to and from the heart.

We finished up by talking about the script and how it should be written. I may use a handy little program like CelTX which is free and easy to use. Writing an actual script for this will prove difficult as it will be all gesture/sfx based.

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