Story Idea

Cycling home from my supervisor meeting I was struck with an idea for a story. I hadn’t been happy with the previous one I had presented to Richard. It was too ‘Toy Story’ for my liking. It struck me that a large part of life is death so a way of giving life to the machine I could have it die. I decided that it would be cool to have the tape machine in hospital, all hooked up to life support machines. The tape machine lies there alone, having memories of its key moments in life – its youth, its wedding day to a beautiful cassette player, the birth of his walkman baby. Then the mood will shift as it recalls its dark days of (isopropyl) alcoholism and his marriage falling apart. As he goes through these memories his pulse quickens faster and faster and the beeping machines surrounding him correspond by getting louder and quicker.  Finally he dies.

I think this will work much better. I now have a message, albeit a sad one – these machines are outdated and are no longer necessary. I also think it provides loads of room for visual puns. Instead of flowers in a vase there can be lengths of wire, splayed into a flower arrangement. A medical chart could show the drop in frequency response measured in dB’s. A medical drip can be feeding him WD40. A small cup of medicine or a bowl of grapes can become something like a bowl of batteries. I started looking for images to get inspiration from. I found one in particular which I will use as a basis for how I want the lighting and minimalist set design to work.

I think the life support machines can be a nice part of the piece. Having a small motor assisting the rotation of the spool of tape could be cool. When the machine dies the tape will have completed its transfer from one spool to another and I could just have the ominous sound of the tape tail flapping around. This is the idea that I’m going to stick with now and aim to have it storyboarded for next week.

    • Richard Hetherington
    • February 8th, 2011

    It is important to include some form of evaluation of your work. So you need to allow time for this to happen, collect and analyse your results.
    Address the ‘heart’ issue.
    Pre-production is almost complete. Start shooting as soon as you can.

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