Props 2

Now that I have my new story the hunt for new props has begun. And this can mean only one thing – more cycling! The bonus is that I am getting to know Edinburgh extremely well. I’m getting great exercise also, though admittedly just my legs. I’ve got the legs of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the belly of Danny DeVito. I could probably stage a one-man version of Twins right now …

This week I have been mostly collecting:

An Ikea floating shelf
Ikea Frack Mirror
Wallpaper Pasting Table
Set of drawers (Used these just for the runner attachments and threw away the wood)

I know it’s an odd bunch but trust me it’ll make sense soon!

That lot adds up to 16.6 miles. So let’s see what that’s done for the overall milage of the project, shall we? The previous distance was 41.6 miles so the new total is 58.2. I’d love to hit the 100 mark but I can’t see that happening. I do have a nice long cycle tomorrow though so you never know!

Watch this space.

*EDIT 08/02/11

4 bottle optic carousel

New distance = 62.9 m

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