Supervisor Meeting 08/02/11

Back on track with this meeting. I basically got Richard to read my script and then I went through all the storyboards (39 so far) and described how the shoot would go. He seemed happy enough that I was on a clear path now.

The story requires the machine to have a heart. Initially I envisioned the heart to be organic with wires and tubes connecting it to the machine itself. Richard felt this would not work in context with the rest of the piece. I saw his point and we discussed various ways in which a heart could be represented so that it would not contrast to the rest of the machine yet still be identifiable as an actual heart of the machine. I came up with an idea that it could be constructed out of batteries that looked, and moved, like a heart. I will have to experiment with this idea. It’s also a less messy option than the butcher’s product!

Early concept drawing of the 'Heart of the Machine'

We talked briefly about leaving time at the end to evaluate the animation with a Check Box questionnaire. This will be useful in assessing my initial goals and seeing if I have achieved them.

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