How to destroy the spare room…

I’m currently waiting on a few bits and pieces before I can start shooting this animation. My supervisor said to get on with it and just start but some things I just can’t start without, like lights for example. I ordered cable for my floodlights a week ago and am still waiting. In the meantime I’m trying to figure out the logistics of each shot, and also trying to design a cool way of representing the heart. Right now I’m thinking of using a handful of small watch batteries with little wires hooked up them. I have a picture in my head of how it should look so I’ll play around in Flash and see how it looks and if it looks good animated.

I’ve put together a (quite large) light diffuser from scraps of wood I found and some cheap material I bought recently. I have no idea how it will work until I get the lights fired up. I also decided to rip up the carpet in the room. Carpet didn’t seem very hospital-y. Floorboards aren’t ideal either but are somewhat better.

Prepping the patient

I'm usually a very tidy person...


Homemade diffuser

Homemade light rig

Don't tell my landlord!

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