Lights! Camera! …

I simultaneously got lots and nothing done today. With a vague plan of beginning the shoot with the ‘alcoholic’ flashback (or more commonly known as storyboards 24 through 26), I went about getting the lighting set up. I’m currently still working on this. It’s beginning to dawn on me how difficult this task is going to be in the little time I have left and the perfectionist inside me is going to be the one to suffer if I’m to complete it on schedule.

I’m trying to figure out how to get the top-down shot of the machine in bed showing the full extent of the situation. I got inspiration from Andy Kennedy’s camera rig and decided to construct my own. It’s all nailed together, the tape is just stopping the wood from splitting! It will be fixed to the wall and will give a nice overall shot of the set. I held it up and took a quick snap to see how it looked from above..

Top-down camera rig

test shot with camera rig

The lights, I quickly realised, are much to harsh and cause the shiny bits of the machine to overexpose. I tried balancing the big diffuser I made yesterday in front of the suspended light but I haven’t figured a way to kep it from falling. I then made a smaller flared diffuser from cardboard, tinfoil and Ripstop Nylon. This made the light source slightly larger and softened it greatly enabling me to eliminate most of the harsh reflections.

Cardboard cut to shape and taped...

... cover in tinfoil ...

... form to shape ...

... cover with material ...

... and light up!

I haven’t decided on the final positions of the lights yet and have just been testing different angles and camera positions. I’m going for a sinister type of lighting and will do a small bit of experimenting to achieve the right look. The drinks carousel needs to display Isopropyl Alcohol labels in order for the scene to make sense. I will design these tonight so I can print and affix them tomorrow. I hope to shoot the 3 storyboard frames tomorrow.

Light experiment 1 (without diffuser)

Light experiment 2 (with diffuser)

In other news I figured out that if the tape speed is running at 7½ ips (inches per second) and that translates into 190.5 mm then when I’m shooting at 24 fps the tape will need to move at a speed of 15.875mm per frame. This may not be the best way to approach this problem of consistent spool rotation but it may be handy to know…

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