Shoot: Alcoholic Flashback 2

I played about with the lights this morning until I found a combination that looked good. With a freshly charged battery I shot the first scene of the ‘Alcoholic Flashback’ sequence. After yesterday’s lessons learned, I shot it on Two’s and didn’t animate the internal wheels spinning. The scene shows the tape machine playing and rewinding the same piece of tape and eventually repeating the same section. I will find a piece of music and lyrics that will fit with this action to bring it to life. I shot 645 frames for this which comes to about 27 seconds. I won’t use all this but I’m not sure where I’ll make the cut in this sequence so it’s handy to have all of it from this angle. I used an animation I quickly made in After Effects as an overlay so I could see how much to move the reel each shot.

Using Overlay

The establishing shot of this sequence shows the Isopropyl Alcohol first, which will work as a Jump Cut with the scene before. Using my rusty old Velbon tripod I attempted a tilting pan which introduces the bottles nicely. I shot this on One’s to try and make it as smooth as possible. It came out a bit jerky but I think I’ll have to put up with that for camera movements. If it doesn’t work in the edit then I’ll cut it altogether and just use a still of the bottles. I took 233 shots for this which equates to just under 10 seconds. From the picture below you can see that I used a grid to help line up the movements. I split the screen with 20 horizontal lines and moved the camera four times for each bar.

Using a grid helps judge increments also

The last bit of the sequence was a close up on the tape machine ‘getting sick’ or having the tape slip its path and spill out onto the floor. I dampened parts of the machine to suggest that it had been drinking. The problem here is that I was shooting too close and a lot of the tape spills off camera. I think I will reshoot this part again if I can find the time as I’m just not happy with it. I’ll keep this take though incase I need to cut closer. Shot on One’s; 165 frames for this one which is about 7 seconds.

tape vomit

I ran into trouble at this point. I ran out of hard drive space on my MacBook Pro. Im shooting in RAW and between today’s takes and yesterday’s experiments and test shots I have used up 18.58 GB of space! I have about 100mb left on the hard drive now which is just enough to take the screenshots above. Until I can sort out an external hard drive I will have to stop shooting. I can prepare the rest of the shots in the meantime, and I also have an essay to write so I won’t be bored. I have been planing to buy a decent eSATA drive for some time now but never imagined burning through so much drive space so quickly.


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