Back on track (Shooting Schedule #2)

I couldn’t work on the project the past few days for two reasons. Firstly I ran out of hard drive space much quicker than expected, and secondly I had to write an essay on Digital Matte Painting for another module over the weekend. I have since bought and received a 2TB internal drive and a enclosure to store all my files on. I used my rent money for April to pay for them  but as this project is due for the end of March at least I’ll have a roof over my head to finish it.

I was still a bit confused and panicky about how I’m going to cram the different scenes into the next two weeks so I sat down and planned a rough chart out. I do expect some delays but I’ll do my best to stay on track according to the following:

Shooting Schedule (Overview)

The numbers down the left of the page refer to the earlier schedule I made where I figured out what shots I could group together for a more productive shoot

Shot sequence and continuity notes

To make even more sense I’ll break these days down into daily shooting charts. Here’s the first two I have made up. More to follow…

Detailed Shooting Schedule (Page 1)

Detailed Shooting Schedule (Page 2)

From this chart it shows that today is a reshoot. My drive was only delivered this afternoon and I have only just completed the transfer of all the files to it. It’s 7:45pm so I don’t know how much I’ll get done this evening. I hope to get the alcoholic flashback scene finished by tomorrow so I can move onto the next one.

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