Making a baby…

My concept of time is starting to become distorted. Sitting in a room with blacked-out windows and spending hours to produce seconds of footage is taking its toll on me.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself for not accomplishing everything I needed to have done today. That, and the fact that half my Tuesdays are devoted to another module I’m taking.

I did manage to finish off the ‘Alcoholic Flashback’ scene. I’m not terribly happy with it because it’s a bit jerky and quite amateurish but it was probably the best scene to cut my teeth on because I can use exploit that lack of quality in After Effects and hopefully use it to my advantage given the nature of the scene.

I have been kindly loaned a Manfrotto 501HDV head and glidetrack by John Morrison and this should help me achieve the panning shots I want to do. The tilt on the head is really smooth – much better than my cheap tripod -but the movement of the glidetrack itself is a bit stiff. I will grease it up tomorrow and see if that helps. I’ve been playing about with it this afternoon and made some additions. Mainly I marked out increments on a piece of cardboard which should help greatly with consistency. It’ll be quite easy to figure out how many to move as well as if I’m shooting in 24fps, then moving 24 notches will be one second. Easy!


101 uses for a toothpick

I’m preparing for tomorrow’s ‘crib’ scene. That means I’ve been making a baby all afternoon. It’s working out quite well. Luckily, my hard drive was delivered yesterday with the perfect size box with amazing packaging that looks great for the prop. I’m thinking of adding a mobile onto it to really hit home the fact that it’s a baby. I’m shattered for the day and plan on getting up early tomorrow morning to start working on it so that’s me for today.

baby boxing

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