Not enough hours…

There comes a certain point where you have to call it a night and that’s what I’m doing now. Unfortunately I’m behind on the schedule, but not for the lack of trying. I got off to a good start, up at 6:30am and I finished off the Alcoholic flashback scenes, including the ‘crib’ part for which I built a funny little mobile.

The rest of the afternoon I’ve been trying to set up this really cool shot that pans and rotates at the same time. I’ve been trying it for a few hours now and it’s just not working. I am wrecked again so I’m going to hit the hay and attempt to get this scene done by lunch tomorrow. In hindsight I should have gone with a much simpler shot and moved on but this project is not about ticking the boxes and making something sufficient. I’m trying to push myself and produce something which I’ll look back on and be proud of. Of course, the risk of this is failure to finish in time which may seriously affect my grade.


Tomorrow is my Build Day, whereby I’m going to construct the set for the hospital. I think I have everything I need but it’ll require a lot of drilling. I managed to borrow a masonry drill from a friend but he warned me that it’s not great and the battery will take some serious charging every go or two. To be honest, it’s the day I’ve been dreading the most out of the shooting schedule, and now it’s become worse because I have to try and include today’s overflow too. Aaaaaghhhh!

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