I managed to finish the flashback scenes today, apart from the ‘Church’ scene which will really be a photograph or two rather than an animation. I’m leaving that until the end so I can scout am appropriate location in between. The most difficult, and time consuming part so far has been the lighting of the sets. I had naively assumed that most of my time would be spent taking photographs. It’s true that I can spend an hour or two taking the pictures, but the staging of the set can take all day. I use the Live View mode on the camera which is being fed into the laptop to check how the scene will look. This ultimately wears down the battery so when it comes time to shoot I then need to spend time recharging it back up again.

Rig to suspend the baby's mobile (note the piece thread stopping it from rotating)

I needed a small diffuser for one of the lights today. I used a shoebox and some of the Ripstop Nylon to make it. That’s the easy part. The difficult part is mounting these creations. I ended up screwing the contraption to the back of one of the dining chairs. I really hope the landlord doesn’t show up unannounced…


The first scenes I shot a few days ago called for low, interesting lighting. These new scenes need more light so I have been using both floodlights. This is the monster that is watching over all of us…

The 50mm doesn't capture the full magnitude of this fella


That is it for today. I’m just about a day behind schedule. I’ve tried to get a jump on tomorrow (which is now the Build Day) by moving everything around and giving the room a general clean and return to order. I hope to build the hospital set, light it and get a few shots in tomorrow. It’ll be a busy day but I have no choice as the schedule cannot be exceeded by even one day.

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