Making shaking

To my horror I noticed today that the past few days I have been shooting in Medium JPG instead of RAW. This must have happened when a Dragon Stop Motion session crashed some days ago and I mustn’t have reset it to RAW. Hopefully it won’t have an impact on the editing in post production. I am annoyed I didn’t catch this and have made a large sticky note stuck to my desk reminding me to check the format I’m shooting in!

[Here’s the current lighting setup..]

I shot the most difficult scene so far today. It was the ‘tape machine convulsing’ shot from the side. There was so much going on that each shot of the 80-odd photos took some time to set up. Firstly the EKG had to have a series of sharp rapid spikes moving across the screen. I cut these out last night so I was prepared for today. Unfortunately I made too many, which could have made a difference to the 2:30am finishing time last night…

As well as the monitor I had to somehow have the tape machine having a seizure and the bed moving as a reaction. I tied various methods but the one I settled on was cutting a length of wood to equal sections. Then I made a bundle of two and a bundle of three. I used them in different combinations to prop the machine up to different heights and also to push the bed out from the wall. It got a bit complicated the order I had to use them in so I carried a little sheet around with me for the couple of hours it took to shoot.

[The patented Wood Block Prop System (WBPS)…]

There was one big problem though. Around half way through the shoot I realised that I had forgotten to turn the reel to reel machine on!! This will bug me but I can’t afford to go back over any shots if I want to catch up with the schedule. It’s not a huge deal and I doubt if anyone would even notice as the only difference that having it on makes is that the light at the front is on. From the side angle you can’t see the internal dials moving so I’ll get away with it.

I also managed to get a few more shots in. The IV drip shots and the final scene with the headphones dangling. I experimented with this one as it was a static shot and it’s the closing one to the animation. Every 4 frames I increased the shutter speed so that it eventually blows out the picture. I got the idea from this amazing video by Mogwai (from about 2:30 onwards).

Tomorrow won’t be as productive. I have class and my supervisor meeting. Then I have 2 essays to peer review. I’ll try and get some easy shots in tomorrow night just so I can feel like I’ve done something.

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