For UHER Eyes only

Today’s shots were ‘through the eyes of the machine’ shots. Going to bed last night I had no idea how I was going to shoot the version I had drawn in the storyboard – having the reels spinning above the camera. I knew I’d have to build some sort of rig to hold the reels but I’m pretty limited with the materials I can use. I woke up this morning and I had the plan fresh in my head. I reckon the subconscious was chipping away at it while I was getting some much needed shut eye. I took some more wood from the bed frame that I found all those months ago on the street (This frame has been the greatest source of material for the entire shoot!) and made the simplest, sturdiest frame I could. Two large screws held the reels in place and I used two cable clips to feed the tape through. I then put the camera directly underneath and shot two sequences of the patient looking upwards at the photos on the inside of the machine’s exterior suspended above.

Oh yeah, I have changed the bit where the photos of his family are in a photo frame beside the bed. The bedside table was getting a little cluttered and this way I think works a bit better. It’s suggesting he carries these photos around with him and I can age them and give them a well-worn look. I used blue and green pieces of card so I can pull a key and replace them with the pictures. I haven’t really thought too much about this so I hope it works.

Another scene through the eyes is when he leeks at the Isopropyl Alcohol on the bedside table. I was trying to imagine what the angle would look like if the patient was to look to his left. I decided that I would include the edge of one of the spools and a section of wood (good old bed frame!) representing the side of the machine. For this shot I built the most Heath Robinson-esque contraption so far. It was so disgraceful I almost didn’t want to take it apart afterwards.

Tomorrow presents new challenges. I’m finally going to animate the face. When I say ‘animate’, I’m really talking about moving the eyes and eyebrows. There’s not much scope for animation in the face itself which is why I’m relying on all the other suggestive shots top help anthropomorphise this character.

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