Close Encounters (Part One)

Today I worked on the close up shots of the machine. They will serve as useful shots when cutting away from one scene to the next and also the extreme close ups will work quite well as the pace/tension builds towards the end of the animation.

As per usual I greatly underestimated how long this would take. I though initially I could do it in a day but now its at least going to take me until tomorrow night to finish these shots.

To make matters worse, Dragon Stop Motion is starting to behave strangely. It’s making a double beep noise randomly after a shot when there should only be a single beep. More frustratingly the preview of each frame has become extremely dark so I’m essentially shooting blind. Even with the preview offset to +4 stops it’s quite hard to make out what I’m seeing. I’m relying on (a week’s) experience to get the movements right at this point. It’s also crashing at times. Fortunately the way it logs the data means that nothing is ever lost after a crash. I could understand if it was because I’ve taken thousands of pictures and it was overloading the system but I’m opening a new session for each scene, and individual takes in each one so at the most I’m only ever accessing no more than 200 frames and it’s generally a lot less.

I set the machine up at the desk instead of trying to shoot these bits on the bed. The desk is more stable for the tripod to stand on. Plus I can plug my big ol’ speakers into the laptop when it’s close to the desk!

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