Video Teaser

Success! I made my girlfriend cry! While I hate to see her upset, this one time made me very happy. I showed her the rough cut of the footage so far and she found it quite upsetting. I’m pleased because this means that I might have been succesful in anthropomorphising an inanimate object. The accompanying music did help the tears flow though. Either way, I’m not a monster and I made up for it by cooking dinner.

I think I’ve nearly got all the shots now. Just the church scene to do at some point over the weekend and I’ll be able to move on to post production. I’m really looking forward to finishing this part now. I’ve enjoyed it but it’s been very frustrating at times. Today alone I’ve knocked over my two lights (which are surprisingly tough) and the camera & tripod (which I caught mere inches from bouncing off the floor), stubbed my toes so many times that I am starting to wonder why I’m not wearing shoes, and managed to unplug my external hard drive half way through a 4 hour render. I can’t wait to throw all this rubbish out and get a nice working environment again but most of all I’m counting down the days before I can open the curtains again!

I realised that I did not have a shot ‘explaining’, or depicting,  the front/face of the machine which is suspended above the patient. This has been nagging at me for a few days so this evening I built the set back up again and shot a few sequences looking down on the face and the machine below. That should do the trick..

Face Off

Here is the tear-inducing rough edit I’ve put together to see how the shots are working together.


This is no way a representative of the final product. It’s just the quickest of renders using un-cropped and untreated footage that were in themselves exported at a low quality. I’m basically trying to build a structure with the clips. I have a few takes of each shot in the video here so even these clips may not be used.

Music – I have chosen Electric Light Orchestra’s Steppin’ Out primarily because of the amazing intro and it compliments the mood I’m going for. I’m not sure if I’ll use it in the final version but it’s nicer than having a silent film to watch. ELO have a knack for writing happy/sad contrasting music, plus they love vocoders almost as much as I do. I was toying with using Pete Drake’s Sleep Walk as it has a great lullaby way about it but it doesn’t have the emotional impact of Steppin’ Out. If I am to use music in the final piece I would like to edit it so that it’s playing from the Reel to Reel player. That could mean ageing the audio digitally, adding artefacts such as noise and pops as well as wow and flutter. If using this song I will edit it so that the chorus doesn’t kick in until after the second flashback. I think it would have more affect then.

I will have different/no music for the flashbacks. The alcoholic scene which shows the tape machine with the bottles will have a section of audio repeating, first a whole vocal line then a specific word or two from that line. Trouble is, I shot the scene but I still haven’t found an appropriate piece of music to go with it. I’m thinking of using a Country/Folk song for the fantastic lyrics they have (most of which contain references to alcohol and loss – perfect!). I’m still searching and I’m thinking now that John Prine may have something to offer.

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