Meeting With John Morrison #2

I met with John to discuss the next step of the project. I’m about to start post production and I was a little unsure of how to approach the mammoth task of editing and handling all the photos I’ve taken. I showed him the rough cut I made of the animation so far and explained briefly how I wanted to stylise the scenes.

John has recommended that I use Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw to do all my colour grading. As an example we imported one of the takes from the ‘alcoholic’ scene which contained 192 pictures. It’s not a take I’ll be using in the final animation but a good example nonetheless as it’s got some interesting characteristics about it. The Dragon Stop Motion folder contained both RAW and JPG files for each frame. In Bridge, these were filtered to just shot the JPGs. The first picture of the sequence was selected and opened in Camera RAW. I discovered how the various attributes can be altered, the sum of which can dramatically transform the picture. A quick example is below..


.. after



I’ve decided that there will be three different colour palettes used in the finished animation and they will directly relate to the three different moods/scenarios. Theres the hospital scenes for which I want a cold and unemotional (that’s not the right word) quality. The ‘happy’ flashbacks will be warm and saturated, with a real 90s feel to it, and the ‘Alcoholic’ scenes which will be quite dark and cold by contrast but still different to the hospital shots. At the moment I think these scenes will be tinted blue, orange and brown respectively.

We agreed that the images should retain their highest quality until the final rendering stage. This means that all editing and saving of the images before the After Effects stage should be saved in an uncompressed format. I’ll see what I can do in Bridge but I may need to jump over to Photoshop for some editing. I will figure out the most efficient way of working which will have the least amount of steps involved. At the moment it looks like I will edit what I need to in Photoshop, do all my colour grading in Bridge and import the images directly into After Effects. I’m not sure yet if I’ll work with the RAW files or the JPG and if AE can handle thousands of pictures. If it can’t then I’ll use Quicktime to export the sequences as movie files and that way then AE is just handling a bunch of video files rather than thousands of individual pictures.

I’ve decided also that I will work to a 1080p standard.

I’m feeling better educated about what I need to do now and I’m excited about this next stage of the process, opening the curtains and leaving behind the darkness! Tomorrow will be all about putting the room back to semi-normal, purely for making the long hours ahead comfortable. I’ll then figure out the workflow and make sure everything has been properly named, filed and backed up before I begin any editing.

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