Murphy’s (and Photoshop’s) Law…

Every problem has problems! How is it that loading 158 JPGs, totalling 136Mb, into layers of a Photoshop document adds up to a document 2.82 GB in size!?! My dear old laptop has been struggling all day long. Suffice to say, most of my day has been spent observing this colourful chap.

Like I said before, I’m editing this on a linear, shot-by-shot basis. So far I have managed to get up to the fifth shot in the sequence. It’s been a 16-hour day so far and so if Im to use that as a rough idea of how long it takes to do 5 shots, and there are over 80 to go, then I’m in trouble. It’s not as bad as it seems though. The more editing I do, the more settings I save and the more actions I create in Photoshop. I should become more efficient as I go along and hopefully I’ll get everything done in time.

The most time-consuming shots today were the ones containing the Life Support equipment. I was never happy with the look of it and I left it for post production to try and fix it up a bit. This mainly involved colour replacement/correction but also the piece holding the tubes was askew so I had to straighten that up.

Before editing..

.. after colour correction in Photoshop & Bridge Camera RAW

Colour replacing in Photoshop

This took quite some time for the close up shots but not nearly as long as the sequence shot from beside the bed. This is where the aforementioned 158 JPGs refused to act in a sane and logical manner and I had to open each file separately and paint each frame accordingly.


.. after

I’m quite pleased with the results though and hopefully I can maintain a continuity in the appearance of all the hospital sequences. So far I’m going by eye, but there is probably a more accurate way of doing this.

This is how the After Effects project looks so far. I will probably get all the footage in first then fine tune al the times according to the audio then I’ll apply the adjustment layers.

The story so far

  1. March 23rd, 2011

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