The End Is Nigh

As a quick test I decided to render out a second of footage to get an idea of how large a file the different codecs produce. I first rendered in Animation at 100% Quality which gave me a .mov file 316.4Mb in size! I Exported that from Quicktime then as 1080p which dramatically reduced it to 2.5Mb. Secondly I exported using the H.264 codec and this gave me a file 21.6Mb in size. That’s much more manageable and I think this’ll be the one I go for.

The morning was spend implementing the mocked up photos of the child and the wedding (I used a stand in photo here as this has not been shot yet) into the animation. The scene where the patient is having a seizure and looking at the pics shaking took a loooong time as each of the 100 frames had to be treated separately, twice. I used the Corner Pin effect as well as the Box Blur effect (to match the blurring in select frames) to fit the images into the animation. The Blue and Green keys I tried to pull were useless as the footage blurred a lot due to the original movement when taking the shots. This is why I had to manually place the images. It took so long that I decided that it might have been quicker if I had taken the photograph myself, printed it and included it in the shoot a few weeks ago.

Using the Corner Pin effect to place the images into the animation

I’m starting to edit the nitty gritty bits of the animation now. This is where the perfectionist in me will want to change every single aspect of the shots. I used After Effects Motion Stabiliser tool to smooth out the opening shot which I used the glidetrack for but ended up quite jerky. I used the tool to analyse the footage as a whole and then restricted the stabilisation to the Y-axis only. This allowed the footage to move perfectly along the X-axis.

Using After Effects' Motion Stabiliser to smooth out the panning shot along the X-axis

Out of curiosity I counted up the shots I’m just using so far in this session (more to come for the wedding shots). Funnily enough the total came to exactly 6,300. I’m not sure if I’ll get around to counting up the total amount of photographs taken overall but I reckon it’s at least 10,000.

This evening I focussed on collecting and building up a library of sound effects that I could work with when creating the soundscape to the animation. As well as using sounds from my own collection, I used the following free sites to complete the effects I needed:


I will export a rough version of the animation and use ProTools to arrange the sounds and music to fit. I might have to go back and forth to make alterations to the video so I won’t export at the highest quality just yet.

I would like to have the sounds and video ready for user testing no later than Wednesday. This gives me tomorrow to shoot the final scene and begin editing the sound. The bit I’m worried about is the extremely slow rendering out of After Effects so I might have to render it in sections so I can be working on one bit while rendering another.

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