Save plenty and often

I left After Effects to render what I had done so far last night while I was sleeping. I woke up this morning to find it still rendering! When it finished, the total rendering time was over 8 hours. I’m not sure why it suddenly jumped from 3 to 8 hours after one day of tweaking. I can only assume it must be the Magic Bullet plugins I’m using on the wedding scene. This is quite worrying as it means if I’m to get the sounds added today and the video distributed for user testing then this is the version I’ll have to go with. It’s not too bad and there’s only a few minor changes to be made but I think it will be sufficient for evaluation.

I wrote that paragraph this morning and since then I have nothing to show for the day. Things were going okay with the sound editing until I noticed that with every copy and paste of a sound (of which there was a lot) in Soundbooth it got slightly more sluggish. Saving the project would take minutes and it crashed more frequently as I went on. It got to the point where it became obvious that Soundbooth was not going to work for me.And then the file corrupted and all the tracks I had created were lost.

I then fell back on the idea of ProTools. I though that if version 8.0.3 wasn’t going to run on my mBox1 hardware then I would delete that and install version 8.0.1, After doing that and having success in opening up a new session I suddenly remembered why my last video project required the use of version 8.0.3 and it’s because ProTools 8.0.1 doesn’t stream video with the audio! So the situation I had then was editing audio to line up with refence pictures.

At this point I was getting panicky. I was supposed to have finished all the editing by lunchtime and emailed out the user evaluation forms by the afternoon. It was 6pm and I’m facing huge problems. I contacted a friend who thankfully loaned me his mBox2. It’s great having friends who own shiny stuff! Unfortunately I had deleted ProTools 8.0.3 off my system at this point and it took 3 hours of downloading the update to get me to a point where I was a full day behind my tight schedule.

It’s now 7:30pm and this is where I’ll post this as the rest of the night will all be about editing as fast as humanly possible, leaving little time to do much else.

I hope we’re not out of coffee.

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