Pro Tool

After a marathon session of sound editing I finally finished the piece early this evening. Given the amount of time I had to do it I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I feel very at ease using ProTools and this allowed me to be more creative with the editing. Unlike any of the other software I have had to use so far I have never had PT crash on me which is a huge weight off my shoulders. The weight of fear can crush a man!

Using ProTools to mix and edit the sounds

This is where having two screens comes in handy

When I started the sound mix last night I really only worked on the beeps and blips and marking out the points where the camera changed angle. I had to alter most of the sounds each time the camera angle changed in order to introduce an acoustic perspective. This worked especially well when ‘inside’ the machine. I did some recordings of the tape machine and mixed these with sounds of a much larger engine to create the sound of being inside the tape machine.

Once all the effects were in and the soundscape was built I set to work on mixing the ELO track into the animation. As the reels are animated in the film I thought it made sense to have music playing from the machine. I left very little time to mix this and I feel it could be worked on more to integrate it better. I never found enough space in the frequency band to get it to sit nicely amongst the other sounds. I created a version with just the sound effects but when I play it back it does feel like it’s missing something. It’s incredibly dark without the music as well.The alcoholic scene required a good deal of work, and a lot of time was spent searching for the right song. I shot the animation and I rendered the video before I knew what song I would choose which left me unable to alter the time of the visuals. This meant the song clip I chose would have to fit and make sense with these frames. I wanted a song that was lyrical about either drinking, or loneliness or abandonment. This easily narrowed my choice down to country music which can be the most upbeat depressing music. From here I decided to go with Hank Williams who seems to have written a song about every misfortune you’re likely to experience. After trawling through a 10 -CD boxset I narrowed my choice down to three songs and imported them into ProTools. I took clips from each song with lyrics that pertained to the situation and lined them up to see if they fit. Lovesick Blues was the one that worked the best and I then cut the song to the visuals and did my best to give it a little I don’t know what.

Using a lot of automation and pitch shifting for the tape reel animation

The animation so far

The karaoke version

I have now uploaded the video to my Vimeo account as well as emailing people with a request to evaluate the piece. I wrote a 10 question PDF and emailed it along with the request. I’m hoping I get enough responses before I go to print (Mon morning) so I can include the results with my own evaluation.

The next two days will be spent writing my own report on the process from start to finish and then my evaluation of the piece. I will be collating all my info and charts from this blog as well to include with it so I should think that I will be too busy to post any updates for the next while.

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