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Mechanical Sympathy Redux – Now with 10 less seconds!

I’ve recently found the time to finally make a few edits to the piece. I’ve been wanting to clean up a few bits since I submitted it as part of my dissertation in late March of this year. I mainly wanted to mix the sound a bit better as I previously did all the audio recording and editing in one day because of a rushed schedule.

I also paid close attention to all the feedback I received during the user evaluations and ignored everyones thoughts and suggestions. It’s my film after all. I did, however, cut some of the still shots at the end of the piece, but not because everyone said to … I just happened to have the same opinion.

I’ve replaced the old version with this one the link is still the same..

Director’s (+ producer’s, script writer’s, editor’s…) cut


Red carpet time

Should have posted this a couple of weeks ago..

Roll up, roll up! Showing all October on a BBC Big Screen near you (if you happen to live in or nearest to the Edinburgh BBC Big Screen).

I was on the bus home the other day and out of the corner of my eye I saw the EKG scene from MS, 25m wide. I completely forgot the Big Screen was showing it. It had the day’s stock exchange figures scrolling down the side and it was quite a strange experience. I really wanted to stand up and point out to my fellow travellers “that’s mine!!”, but social conformity kicked in at the right time and I sat quietly, smiling creepily.

The BBC Big Screen in Edinburgh is showing Mechanical Sympathy every day this month on a loop with other animations (two more of which are mine) between 2-6pm. If you see it, you owe me a fee.. probably.