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Budget #3

I’ve been putting this off for a while because I’m afraid of how much I’ve spent so far. In fairness though most of the stuff I’ll use outside of this project and most of the cash has been spent on the camera and hard drive. Since the last update, here’s the strangest shopping list you’re likely to read today:

  • 40w Soldering Iron Kit (eBay) £9.98
  • Train Track 00 Gauge (eBay) £2.98
  • Black food Colouring (Tesco) £0.52
  • Kyoto H-231 Vintage Headphones (eBay) £10.50
  • Three spoke 7″ x 1/4″ Tape Reels (eBay) £2.80
  • Mega Pad Coloured Drawing Paper (Lidl) £2
  • Pritt Stick (eBay) £1.50
  • Freezer Bags (Tesco) £2
  • Wooden skewers (Pound Stretcher) £0.60
  • Twine (Edinburgh Bargain Store) £2
  • 150w Halogen Floodlight (eBay) £6.66
  • 150w Halogen Floodlight (eBay) £5.65
  • 1980s International Stereo Cassette Player (eBay) £10
  • 12″ Stanley Tenon Saw (eBay) £4
  • Wire Stripper set (eBay) £2.98
  • 1/4″ Tripod screw(eBay) £2.88
  • 10 LR44 battery pack (eBay) £1.49
  • 1.5mm T&E Cable (eBay) £4.96
  • Screen Clean wipes (eBay) £2.59
  • Super Glue  (eBay) £1.95
  • 5mts Ripstop Nylon (eBay) £4.20
  • 50 assorted button cell batteries (eBay) £1.65
  • 5 A4 Acetate Sheets (eBay) £1.30
  • 2 Pillowcases (Poundstretcher)  £2.99
  • 4 corner braces (Morningside hardware store) £1.80
  • Printing – an educated guess (Uni) £4
  • 2TB Hard Drive ( £69.99
  • Hard Drive Case ( £69.99
Total £233.96
Previous total  £311.86
New Total £545.82



Budget #2

This week I have been mostly buying…

3 large sheets of coloured card – Green, Blue & White (Edinburgh Bargain Store £3.50)

Helping Hand Modelling Tool (eBay £3.95)

8 Mini Clamps (eBay £1.96)

5 x Vintage Reel-to-Reel Tapes & Microphone (eBay £17.50)

Total £26.91 + Running Total = £284.95

New Total = £311.86

I made a negative review on eBay about one of the laser pointers I got in the post because it arrived weeks after I paid for it and with dead batteries, which was annoying because they are the small watch type batteries which I will have to go out and buy. I received the following statement from the seller…

hi,my friend,as the shipping date,before you buy the item,you can check our item description:usually it takes 7-15 working days to arrive.10 days is the normal speed. as the item,i do apologize for the problem again.why you can’t give me a chance to do something for you?i know it is my fault,God says,people can make mistake,but must change it in time.however,you don’t want to give me this chance.i am just a worker,and now i am 35 years old,i have 6 children,it is not easy for me to find this job,if i lose this job,my children will be starved to death.this is why i want to repay 10 USD to you as compasation once you can help me.(this 10 USD is my personal money.)i beg you,beg your again,help me to change the feedback for me.waiting for your reply”

This only annoyed me further, so I called his bluff, thinking I wouldn’t hear back from him…

Thank you for your offer of compensation. I will accept it and upon receipt I will change my feedback score.”
To his credit, I received his $10 compensation the next day. And I held up my end of the bargain and gave him an excellent review on eBay. So I’m going to subtract that money, which works out as £5.73 (after paypal charges) from the running total.

Running Total = £311.86 – Refund £5.73

New Total = £306.13

Budget #1

I though it might be fun to keep track of my budget. Note: I’m not just buying some of the items specifically for this project (eg camera), so don’t start thinking I’m going a bit overboard on this. It would seem silly to include my MacBook Pro in this list as it’s a few years old now. Here are the items I have purchased so far which will be of use:

Canon EOS 450D WITH 18-55 IS lens + Tamron 55-200 F4/5.6 LD macro lens, old Velbon tripod (second-hand £250)

Mini tripod from Jessops (mentioned I was student to sympathetic staff member – £0!)

Unbranded adjustable tripod (second-hand £5)

Uher 724-L reel-to-reel tape recorder + speakers (second-hand on Gumtree £0)

Set of 6 vintage audio tape reels (second-hand on eBay £12.49)

200ml Isopropyl alcohol (John F Rodgers Pharmacy £2)

Lighting rig (old bed frame found beside bin £0)

4 LED torches/lasers (eBay £6.51)

Remote shutter release for Canon 450D (eBay £2.95)

Ikea desk lamp with extendible arm (second-hand on Gumtree £6)

Total so far is £284.95