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Meeting with Framed

Today I met with Alan and Neill from Framed. I was tracked down through one of my many appeals for props on the various freebie sites I have been recently posting on. They got in touch with me to see if I would be interested in screening the finished animation at a gallery event in May. I really liked what they have done so far and their plans following this event. I hope to make good contacts through Alan and Neill and also this gives me extra incentive to produce something really special.


Contacting the Professionals

I have been contacting animators (mostly stop motion) since I began this project asking them if they would be able to answer any future questions I would have. I imagined that of the people I contacted I would receive very few replies. These people are all professional in their own right and I can understand that they may not want to spent their free time contacting a bothersome student. To my surprise ALL of the people I contacted replied with their support and willingness to help! I am in the process now of preparing my questions and relating them specifically to that person’s specific field of expertise. I have not begun the preproduction as of yet (Storyboards etc.) so I may hold off until I have begun because I’m sure I will run into complications when I reach that point. The people on board are, in no particular order:

I discovered these people and their work through my research and have been inspired by all of them. To be able to pose questions to them about their work and my own will be a fantastic experience and will no doubt improve my overall understanding of stop motion animation.