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Supervisor Meeting 22/03/11

Today was the last supervisor meeting. We talked considerably about the user evaluation and I showed Richard my mocked up version that I have been working on. Some of the questions I think I can drop. For example, I had a question which asked the user if stop motion complimented the story or would the animation would have been more suited to film or 3D. As Richard rightly pointed out, what relevance does the answer have?

The good news is that I don’t have to do any re-arranging of the Literature Review. I was worried that because I had exceeded the specified word count that I would have to shift a lot into the appendix to fit within the guidelines. So the submission should read: Literature Review, Development Report, Evaluation (my own and then the users’), Appendix. My own evaluation will essentially be a condensed version of this blog, as it will document the process of creating the animation and the conflicts I encountered along the way.

The second piece of good news is that the poster, for the poster session, doesn’t have to be as text-heavy as I had been originally informed. While it must give an outline of the project, it should also have a nice aesthetic to it. I’d love to spend a month on this, but as Richard pointed out (as he often does) that perfectionists can’t control time. That is until we perfect the time control machine..


Supervisor Meeting 15/03/11 CANCELLED

It’s becoming a regular occurrence but I decided to cancel the supervisor meeting again this week. It is a shame because I always get my enthusiasm back when I discuss the project with Richard and leave with some great ideas. As classes weren’t on today I decided to hit the editing hard today and taking time off to go to the university would really break up the flow of work. I have been up since 6am and have been working non-stop ever since (even my meals were made for me by someone very kind!). It’s now nearly 10pm and I have mere seconds of footage to show for all that time..

Supervisor Meeting 08/03/11 – CANCELLED

I cancelled today’s meeting yet again. I’m very close to finishing the shoot and as the deadline approaches every hour is now vital.

While I was in university this morning I got chatting to lecturer John Morrison, who has been a great help so far. He suggested that I back up the files I have created so far just in case. This is something I had not thought about. I thought I was safe in the fact that I was transferring to a brand new hard drive, but disaster can strike at any moment! He has kindly loaned me his external drive until the end of the shoot so I can be safe in the knowledge that I have a copy of everything should the worst happen.. Cheers John!

Supervisor Meeting 01/03/11 (Shooting Schedule #1)

I met with Richard today as it had been a couple of weeks since our last meeting and quite a lot has happened since then. I explained where I was at and how I was getting on. I also confessed that I am almost certain that I will not be able to complete the project to my high standard by the submission date (in about 4 weeks). I plan on working on this project as soon as I finish uni as I feel really close to it and in my head I have things that I would like to spend time on getting right (I want to score a piece of music for example). These things are peripheral though and Richard suggested that I stick to the guidelines that I created in the Learning Contract way back when.

this takes a bit of pressure off as I don’t think it’s humanly possible to finish this shoot, edit it, add the sound effects, score the music, re-address my literary review, write a report on the animation and critically reflect upon it, do user evaluations and other stuff I’m probably forgetting about.

In light of this I have decided that I’m not fooling anyone but myself with the old schedule so out with the old and in with the new! Here’s a more realistic schedule for the shoot at least…

Overview of schedule

Page 1

Page 2

PAge 3

I’m not sure why I numbered the pages 1 of 6. I have no clue how many pages there will be. Maybe I’m going slightly mad. I’ve noticed that spending all day in this room is taking its toll on my health. I try and get out for a run in the evenings and as of a few days ago I realised that I’m listing to one side as I run, almost to the point where I lose my balance! This is slightly worrying. I’m developing some aches and pains in my back and abdomen which I’m going to attribute to the repetitive actions I’m performing hundreds of times in a row. I’m also getting headaches and I’m going to notch this one up to my field of vision rarely being greater than a distance of three feet. My advice to myself would to take a day or two off and rest. My reply to him would not be so kind. My recommendation to both of them would be that we only have a few weeks left so make nice and let’s get on with it. I think I’ll keep the ‘hospital’ bed at hand for when I finish this project.

I took a trip down to Amnesty Scotland yesterday (they’re not far from me, which is why I could afford the time) where I picked up three HUGE cork noticeboards (to be fair two are HUGE, the other one is just very large) They were giving them away for free on of the freebie sites online and I though they would be perfect for organising my storyboards and sequences. I’m finding it hard to keep track of them all. When they advertised three ‘big’ noticeboards I expected, like you, that they would be your average big notice board. What I received was much bigger. Industrial-sized I would like to think. Two more of these and could probably fashion some sort of garden shed. I struggled home with them balanced on the pedal of my bike. But I can see them coming in great use. They didn’t include any thumbtack though, which would have been nice…

"Aw look, he thinks he's 'The Wire'"


Supervisor Meeting 22/02/11 CANCELLED

I cancelled this week’s supervisor meeting again. I’m on a strict schedule now and I feel my time is better spent working on the project rather than talking about it. I hope to have a bit more time when the shooting ends and post production begins. I don’t want to miss too many meetings as it’s good to touch base with Richard to see if I’m keeping on track academically, but for now I’m on my own!

Supervisor Meeting 15/02/11 CANCELLED

I chose to cancel today’s meeting as I plan on starting shooting today. I received my T&E cable yesterday and constructed the lights and am just going to go for it! I’ll try to keep a daily update of my progress as to how I get on.

Supervisor Meeting 08/02/11

Back on track with this meeting. I basically got Richard to read my script and then I went through all the storyboards (39 so far) and described how the shoot would go. He seemed happy enough that I was on a clear path now.

The story requires the machine to have a heart. Initially I envisioned the heart to be organic with wires and tubes connecting it to the machine itself. Richard felt this would not work in context with the rest of the piece. I saw his point and we discussed various ways in which a heart could be represented so that it would not contrast to the rest of the machine yet still be identifiable as an actual heart of the machine. I came up with an idea that it could be constructed out of batteries that looked, and moved, like a heart. I will have to experiment with this idea. It’s also a less messy option than the butcher’s product!

Early concept drawing of the 'Heart of the Machine'

We talked briefly about leaving time at the end to evaluate the animation with a Check Box questionnaire. This will be useful in assessing my initial goals and seeing if I have achieved them.